Some people just don’t seem able to take retirement seri664f19_da18c448e456484584a344a34577ca44ously. So after a lifetime in the advertising and print industry, Ian Shearer turned to stained glass to provide an outlet for his creativity and years of Art School training. Nobody was more surprised than he, when his work began to take off and enquiries for commissions started to come in. At first, they were from friends and colleagues but soon he was getting requests from people he’d never met and it became clear that this was going to be more than just a hobby.

Few people manage to turn what they really like to do into a business but Ian seems to be well on the way to making it happen. In the gallery on this site are some samples of what he’s produced so far.

If you think a piece in stained glass could brighten up your life too, give him a call on 01323 737271 or send him an email at:

You may be surprised to discover how affordable it can be.