Baldwin Studios Stained Glass in East Sussex

Guess who’s making a name for himself in stained glass

With a wide choice of multi-coloured, interestingly textured and antique glass, Ian has ample creative freedom and flexibility to be able to rise to any design challenge that you might give him. Why not put him to the test?

Some people just don’t seem able to take retirement seriously. So after a lifetime in the advertising and print industry, Ian Shearer turned to stained glass to provide an outlet for his creativity and years of Art School training. Nobody was more surprised than he, when his work began to take off and enquiries for commissions started to come in.

At first, they were from friends and colleagues but soon he was getting requests from people he’d never met and it became clear that this was going to be more than just a hobby.

Baldwin Studios Creating Stained Glass in East Sussex

Few people manage to turn what they really like to do into a business but it makes Ian happy to give it a try.

Overleaf are some samples of what he’s produced so far. If you think a piece in stained glass could brighten up your life too.

Give Ian a call on 01323 737 271 or send him an email at:

You may be surprised to discover how affordable it can be

Stained Glass Windows

Windows can be designed to match or complement existing features – even when, as in these examples, double glazing has been fitted.

Ian is happy to interpret your own ideas or consult on original designs and concepts to suit your particular home or environment.

It is normal practice for the agreed design to be drawn up full size and in colour on tracing paper so that it can be held up and viewed in situ.

Once the colours and glass have been finalised, it typically takes four to siz weeks to produce the piece and prepare it for fitting.

Viewing of some of these existing works can be arranged, if desired, by appointment. We are based in East Sussex and work on Stained Glass Projects all over the South East.

How it’s done

It takes practice and patience as well as a certain amount of vision and artistic ability – but we think you’ll agree, the results are well worth the effort.

As one customer recently put it;

“We are so pleased with the window. This afternoon the sun shone colours through the glass into the hall, onto the kitchen floor, casting a hue in the house we have not seen before… Absolutely lovely.”



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